Steve Kerr and You!


I have been thoroughly enjoying “The Last Dance” during quarantine. I think it has been one of the best things on TV in long while. This documentary has taking me back in time to my childhood. Wow! yes, I can still say that MJ still is the greatest basketball player of all time, and I won’t apologize to this generation LOL)

Episode 9, without giving it away, was such an inspiring episode. Many know Steve Kerr as the coach of the Golden State Warriors, but a few of us remember him as the white boy in the Bulls who could just straight up shoot. (Mad Love for John Paxon though!) Did you know that Steve Kerr is an eight-time NBA champion? It’s crazy! He won five titles as a player (three with the Bulls and two with the Spurs, and as a head coach he also won three with the Warriors. Did you know that Steve Kerr has the highest career three-point percentage (45.4%)? I say all this because Steve Kerr, wasn’t #23. He only got one college offer. He didn’t sell many jerseys. He couldn’t dunk like everybody else. Is more, Steve Kerr only averaged 6 points per game. But there are two facts that we can say about Steve:

   1.  Steve was a hard worker

       2.  Steve knew his assignment

In 7th grade I tried out for the basketball team. I barely made the team, but I made it. I wasn’t the best dribbler, or shooter, but I want to believe I was the best listener. Not Knowing a lot of English, all I could do was listen. I had to learn to listen in order to play. I learned that in order for me to be successful, I had to listen to coach V. I had to listen to him in practice, and more importantly, I had to listen to him while on the bench. While everybody played, all I was waiting for was for Coach V to call my name.

I remember when coach V called my name, I went crazy. You see, my job was to shoot free throws, I know, how inspiring! But you see, in that particular game, our team won because I was good at free throws. I practiced my free throws all the time, especially at home, by myself. I became one of the best free throw shooters in my team. (I think Jon Seaton and Jeremiah Hetzel were better LOL) But Listen, there will always be somebody faster, stronger, smarter. At times, our job is not to be Lebron James. If you made the team, is because you are good enough, and you have something to offer. When it’s your time to shoot, shoot, when it’s your time to pass, it better be the best pass ever. Be ready when your name is called! Steve’s job wasn’t to be MJ or Pippen, his job was to be Steve Kerr. What’s your assignment?

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