Stinky Little Feet


Our  youngest child is 4 years old, about to turn 5. We call him our last surprise. God planned him. The other day he fell asleep in our bed. He was sweaty and dirty. My wife hates when he falls asleep without him taking a bath. That night we had played so much, he was so tired, he just knocked out. As I watched him sleeping, I gently took off his shoes, and sticky socks, I anticipated the overwhelming smell that would follow. I knew nothing good would come from this. Lol. It was a mixture of salt and vinegar potato chips and buffalo sauce. LOL I’ve always done something with all my kids, I love to smell and kiss their feet. (After they have taken a bath) Lets just say I did not kiss his feet that night, but one thing I was able to realize,  his feet no longer smell like a baby. I paused and realized a sad and yet exciting truth, our little boy was growing.  Not just growing, but he is growing rapidly, he is speaking more. His vocabulary is expanding, so he is  also understanding life more and more.

His stinky little feet challenged me in one quick moment to be a better dad, for me to leave him a legacy, and to help him establish his own. I want him to love God and Live for him. I want him to respect women. I want him to always tell the truth. I wan him to honor us as parents. To trust in himself. I want him to discover his fight, and embrace his shield. I want him to discover his courage, earlier than I did.  I want him to acknowledge his weakness, but discover his drive and his passion.

I leave you with a question: Are there little feet, or hands that deserve a pause from you? That deserve a moment of your attention? If they scream, if they fight, if they stumble or when they are clumsy, enjoy it, it won’t always be that way. They will grow, and one day walk away from home. Leave a legacy that will motivate them to love walking back to home when they are older.

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