Supernatural Culture

the world in your hands (Earth map furnished by NASA)

I love our church, it’s made up of so many ethnicities and cultures. A few weeks back I had the privilege of leading worship. One of my favorite things to do every time I get to lead worship is that I try to make it a habit to greet and say hi to someone I don’t know before going on stage.

As I walked down the isles of our church I realized I was only greeting people of my age and complexion. It was horrible. In plain terms, I was only greeting people like me.  Right there and then I was convicted. My heart stopped. Here I am, a christian and a minister and I was bringing an innocent form of division into our family.
Aren’t we all created by the same God? A God that loves distinctions and dissimilarities?  A God who is passionate about diversity?
Was I wrong? The answer is no. You see, we are all products of our up bringing. We are wired to hug, embrace, reach out, listen, like, pay attention, read a book, go to lunch, with people who look just like us. It’s natural. We are driven to touch first the things that appeal to us, to who we are, language and nature. But the reality is that we are Supernatural beings. Humans who have encountered a supernatural God. We are not natural. This Godly love we have encountered is nothing natural, it is a supernatural love. A supernatural love chooses to do what a supernatural God does. It is the opposite of what our nature says to do. The natural says, what goes up must come down, the supernatural says what you are used to doing, or accustomed to do, you can do better, you can do greater.
I choose to walk in Supernatural Love. A Godly Love. The natural challenged the savior to let humanity perish, but the supernatural choose the cross to give them life.
 Today, engage, reach out, choose to hug, say hi to, buy a book from, go to lunch with, listen to someone who looks or sounds different from you.

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