People ask me all the time:

“It’s everything you wear Vanheusen?”
The answer is Yes, just kidding.
Of course not. Even though VH is #1 for me ,there are other great inexpensive brands that you can use to put outfits together. What we will cover today, are basic issues, questions, that people have asked me in the past month. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me on Instagram!
Issue #1  What are other places that men can shop and save a Buck!:
Here are the #1 places I go shopping (Keep in mind I live in Horse Capital of the World, Ocala,FL.)
Ross, Forever 21, Kohls, H&M, Rue 21, Wal-mart, and Thrift Shops. (Yes, I said it, Wal-mart)
(Advice: Find a photo of what you are looking for, and go hunting!)
Issue #2 What shoes are in, and What shoes are not?
Here are a few that you should burn! 😂
Here are a few shoes that are in right now! Yes,Yes,Yes
(Advice: Formal Shoes- make sure the tip is not too square nor too pointy)
Cool Brands: APT.9, Cole Haans, Sonoma, Converse, Aldo.


Here are simple Joivan Fashion Tips!
1. Fashion does not have to be expensive! (Just because it’s expensive, doesn’t mean is great.)
2Men, subscribe to a magazine, or follow fashion ideas on social media. (Find cool trending photos, ideas and copy them).
***Cool Hashtags: #MensFashion #PlusMaleFashion #BigManFashion    #InstituteOfStyle, #Dapper, #GQ
3Don’t be afraid to standout
 (Go beyond your norm, don’t be afraid go outside of your comfy zone)
4Build your closet
(Every Color shirt and pants. Build your Suits, casual shoes, & formal wear. Feel free to put away old stuff, fashion always comes back)
*** Every man needs a 2 Button Black Jacket, a White Shirt, and a Black Tie.
5Thrift Shop is king
(Some people think that everything in thrift shop is used.. Wrong!)
6. Don’t let your formal game be the only thing on point. Work on your Semi-Formal, and your Casual game.
(Anybody can do formal, but not everybody can do semi or casual, it takes work and creativity)
7. Stick to your age, or close enough. 😳 Enough said!
( Run away from shirts like these with designs, it’s not making you younger, or cooler)
For Example:
8. The most important part of your outfit, is your shoes. A great outfit can be destroyed by wearing the wrong shoes, and even great shoes can be overshadowed by overbagging your pants.
9. Slim doesn’t mean uncomfortable nor looking like a boy band in tight jeans.
(Slim fit has been around for more than 100 years, it gives life to your outfit. It shows who you are. Even XXXL men can wear fitted stuff, ask NFL players! 
10. Ask, Ask, Ask! (Specially ask girls)
(My boys and I are here for you.)
. Joggers can give you a slim option for formal/Semi formal pants, and they come in many colors. (It’s ok to wear joggers with a Jacket!)
. The watch, the belt, and the shoes no longer have to match. Fashion is taking a break. The flag is down, feel free to swim, low tide!
. You can use Color Jeans, as a substitute for formal pants for your Formal outfit! (They are flexible, and Cheap: Rue21)


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  2. Interesting info! I’m excited for you this blog is needed for the Ocala community!!! It’s nothing better than a well dressed man!!! Swagg is a vital part of attracting the opposite sex! Along with confidence. Men step up your game saggy pants, fitted hats turned backwards, shirts with graffiti, gold teeth!!! Is over… i look forward to seeing more of your Blog!
    Lisa V.

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  3. As a “big boy” myself, it’s hard enough to find trendy gear, let alone find trendy gear that goes well with one another. You would think that a guy who was raised around women his whole life would have better fashion sense. I need to bring sexy back into my game. My bride of almost 12 years has more than earned it. Lol. These are pretty good ideas. I will be taking some of these into consideration.
    Thank you brother. Many blessings and great things are coming your way.

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